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Yo V453000, I?m really proud for you and Imma let you finish, but OpenTTD is the best Transport Tycoon game of all time. OF ALL TIME. And I’m proud people are still working on it. That’s all.

Helps me a lot! thanks!

Unlike in standard industry, FIRS and ECS, there is no “final goal” which I mean is delivering goods to towns. I think it is missing. Beside that YETI is OK.

Hi, check the parameters, YETI now has various different modes, each of them working a lot differently – the changes are just in 4X Worker Yard accepting different cargoes, but it has large effect on how your network looks and how you play. ? Tweaks are certainly happening but probably not to the degree you expect.

I think the default is passengers yeti, which means you need to deliver passengers to the worker yard instead of just having the town big. This means you need to care about the town more, and efficiency of your city network matters, so you get as many passengers as you can.

The concept of YETI is relatively simple – have an industry set which motivates you to connect all of the various types of industries, AND make caring over your towns matter.

In general, ECS or FIRS both have some useful and useless chains, and neither of them motivates you to connect everything. Which is weird because the very idea of adding an industry set to me should be to have more industries, then you should also utilize them instead of just leaving half of them unused.

Up to version 0.1.0, YETI has succeeded only to make industries which motivate connecting everything, with versions 0.1.1. and higher, we also have the town relation part. You can disable it and use other modes, but it’s there. ? Of course tired yetis are also interesting, and super simplified YETI is basically something completely different – an industry set which requires you to use multiple food plants in order to have a high production and a big network. Which is also quite unique.

Hope this explains it. ?


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BRIX 0.0.1 & NUTS 0.7.9 released

by V453000 from The Blog
Posted on: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 at 22:32:42 UTC
Filed Under: Community News, New, Grf

Ladies and gentlemen, friends,

it has been a while since I wrote anything in here, and what better time could there be than on April fool’s? As many of you might remember, it’s not just the 1st April, it is NUTS birthday. It has been five years since I released NUTS 0.0.1 and many things have progressed since. One of them are my other NewGRFs that took place after NUTS. The latest one – BRIX – will now share birthday with NUTS as I am releasing BRIX 0.0.1 right now. I will also talk about some more things later in the article…



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NewGRF Meta Language - NML 0.4.2 released

by planetmaker from The DevZone
Posted on: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 at 13:41:04 UTC

0.4.2 (2015-09-13)

-Add: New industry type limits of OpenTTD 1.6
-Fix: [CF] Build the version which is asked to be built instead of tip
-Fix: Mark the cython acceleration module as optional.
-Fix #7641: Sort gender and case translation tables deterministically (matthijs)
-Fix #7640: Use dashes, not hyphens in manpage (matthijs)
-Fix: getbits
-Fix #7336: Action 6 offset was off by one for VA2 ranges when using a list of expressions in a switch.
-Fix #7185: Incorrect Action6 offsets for Production Action2.
-Doc: Be more verbose about and remove bootstrap from manifest as well

NewGRF Meta Language - NML 0.4.1 released

by planetmaker from The DevZone
Posted on: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 at 20:33:33 UTC

This version adds access to the additional rocky tiles as of OpenTTD r27220 and adds a new 'getbits' function.
But it mainly fixes the packaging issues as experienced with NML 0.4.0:

  • Add: second_rocky_tileset
  • Add: Build-in function 'getbits'
  • Change: Try to improve packaging by applying some in-built automatisms via find_package() (oberhumer) (issue #7540)
  • Fix: Building source bundle was broken
  • Fix: Version identification for tags
  • Doc: Update readme with python version info
  • Cleanup: Remove pre-OpenTTD-1.1 wrappers for SHIFT_LEFT, SHIFT_RIGHT and SHIFTU_RIGHT.
  • Cleanup: Remove bootstrap

Note to package maintainers:

  • Bundles should now contain again everything needed to build NML
  • Naming of the files changed back to a scheme following nml-VERSION.PLATFORM.tar.gz

OpenGFX - OpenGFX 0.5.2

by planetmaker from The DevZone
Posted on: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 at 20:02:12 UTC

OpenGFX 0.5.2 (12 Apr 2015):

- Add: [Makefile] target 'bananas' (closes #6877, #6848)
- Fix: [Makefile] Add dependency generation for pnml->nml
- Fix: [Makefile] dependencies, esp. wrt. HG revision numbers getting compiled into files
- Fix: Alignment of GUI icons that have different sizes in 1x and 2x zoom
- Fix: 2x GUI sprite for purchase land was attached to the viewport sprite instead of to the GUI sprite (commit:ba02a90fab52) (issue FS#6267)
- Fix: Do not crop the default-window-size icon (issue FS#6258)

OpenGFX 0.5.2-RC1 (16 Feb 2015):

- Add: 2x GUI zoom sprites
- Add: the all black ground sprites introduced in OpenTTD r26869
- Add: Translations for Africans, Italian, Latin and Lithuanian
- Update: Translation for English (US)
- Change:     [Makefile] Make sure that mercurial output is not changed by user presets
- Codechange: [Makefile] Simplify a few pointless programme definitions
- Fix:        [Makefile] No need to query the whereabouts of required programmes when we make no use of that anyway (issue #5759)

Note to package maintainers:

  • Package naming was reverted to the simple scheme of (binary) and opengfx-VERSION-source.tar.xz (source).
  • Makefile was rewritten with improved dependency check and better version inclusion in files (should not affect anything)
  • Recommended NML version: 0.4.1

DevZone Help Center - Activation of retention policy

by Spike from The DevZone
Posted on: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 at 19:20:35 UTC

Last month we put a news item out about our retention policy. We have decided to start actively enforcing this policy from the 1st of March.

This is needed to maintain proper stability of our services. Each night a 03:00 UTC our server will cleanup any files that are outside of the retention policy.

To be sure we don't lose builds that are needed we have a copy of the current data available. Should you feel like a build (for this first month) has been removed in an incorrect way we can verify our logs and fix any issues that should arise. We have run our cleanup script on a dry run for some period to prevent such errors. Should they occur contact us through IRC.

NewGRF Meta Language - NML 0.4.0 released

by planetmaker from The DevZone
Posted on: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 at 11:04:41 UTC

This version brings some major changes compared to the 0.3.x versions:

  • Conversion to python3. The minimum required python version now is python 3.2.
  • Rigerous caching of real sprites. This improves encoding speed a lot on subsequent runs, especially for NewGRFs with many real sprites, more so for 32bpp
  • Statistics on the NewGRF on used IDs for vehicles, houses, etc as well as available switches, parameters etc
  • Feature: [NewGRF] create_effect and effect_spawn_model
  • Feature: [NewGRF] EFFECT_SPRITE_NONE constant for create_effect callback
  • Feature: [NewGRF] support for OTTD_RECOLOUR action5 sprite(s)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Support for Latin
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Variable to test for enabled wagon speed limits. (issue #6474)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Warn about usage of animation and semi-transparent colours, and add spriteset flags to enable/disable the checks. (issue #1085)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Number of vehicles in var 41 is one-based, only var 40 is zero-based.
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Patch flags can only be accessed via action 7/9. (issue #6996)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Action7/9 bit tests must use varsize 1.

There's numerous other fixes, changes and additions. For a full changelog, see
Get the latest release version from the bundles server:

Note to package maintainers:

  • Dependency change: python 3.2+
  • Dependency change: preferably use pillow for python3 as imaging library instead of PIL.
  • Build requirement change (optional): c compiler needed to build the optional cython module for grf encoding (nml/_lz77.c). It's an optional speed improvement over the python-only implementation.

Server/DevZone Outtage

by Spike from The Blog
Posted on: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 at 22:40:26 UTC
Filed Under: Community News


As you may have noticed our services have received some outtage. This happend during a maintenance that was required for needed security updates related to CVE-2015-0235 (the glibc story / When we rebooted the server the most scary thing happend for us. Our server did not return online. After some help from our hosting provider we managed to log back in.

To make the most out of this situation we immediatly also starting converting some of our local containers to a diskimage format (PLOOP / However because one of our main containers which has all the HG repositories has so many small files this conversion is taking longer then expected.

We want to apoligize for this situation and are waiting for this container conversion to finish. After this the most critical containers should all have been converted and most of the other ones are related to non-development stuff that should have no extended downtime like this.



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by V453000 from The Blog
Posted on: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 at 19:26:06 UTC
Filed Under: Community News

Ladies and nutmen,

just now I am realizing I forgot to officially mention that I have been working on another project for the past months. RAWR Absolute World Replacement is currently 32bpp/ExtraZoom LANDSCAPE with ROADS and TRACKS. Eventually I am hoping to replace all the sprites the game needs, and the final output then could be a full base set.

Visually, the set is obviously 32bpp/ExtraZoom which looks relatively nice. Functionally, it lets you choose from the 4 climates and force any of them visually. That way you can apply any of them you want – especially if you load the newGRF as a static one. I hope you like it, there is still a lot of things to be done, but the core is there.

The project home is at the devzone per usual – you can also find a guide on how to apply static NewGRFs. I also have a thread at tt-forums, you are welcome to contribute/place your impressions/screenshots there 🙂

You can download RAWR from the online content – BaNaNaS – through the game, or from the website manually.
Enjoy and let me know what you think!




DevZone Help Center - Build retention policy

by planetmaker from The DevZone
Posted on: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 at 18:44:45 UTC

In recent months the retention policy for builds created by the DevZone's compile farm was rather liberal and all build for every push were kept. However, with the increasing size of NewGRFs (we needed to upgrade the allocated space for builds several times already) we need to go back to the original retention policy:

  • The three most recent builds on push will be kept available
  • Up to 20 nightly builds will be kept
  • All releases (tagged builds) will be kept

Nightlies are not built specifically anymore. But once a day, the build from the most recent push will be promoted to a nightly build.

See also our wiki page at UsingTheCF which documents the data retention policy. If you need one of the old nightly builds or push-builds, then please grab it now. The new build management script will be switched on in the coming days.

New member: Hazzard

by V453000 from The Blog
Posted on: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 at 22:35:27 UTC
Filed Under: Community News

Hell000 and Merry Christmas! We are happy to announce that our inner circles have gained yet another person, Hazzard!

Being around for a long while, most of you probably know him, but if you don’t, Hazzard is a great builder and person. His logic mechanisms and other construction put your brains in greater hazard when you see them. He has been generally very helpful, teaching people, being a nice person, and everything else.

Everybody, please welcome Hazzard to the openttdcoop members club!

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